PATH (Parent and Teachers Helping)

PATH, Parents and Teachers Helping, is the organization that provides fundraising and volunteer support to Castlebay Lane Elementary school. We have chosen PATH, rather than a traditional PTA (Parent Teacher Association) because then all the money raised by PATH goes to the school.


has been raised to date by PATH for the 2015-2016 school year

Why is fundraising necessary?
Aren’t my tax dollars paying for this school? Yes, your tax dollars are paying for the teachers and facilities. But many schools with a large disadvantaged student population qualify for Federal Title I money to provide students with enriching experiences that they might not otherwise receive. Our school does not qualify, and is therefore at a disadvantage. So, it is up to us to raise the additional funds to be able to offer our children the same quality of education.

PATH uses many different fundraising approaches, including: Family Fun Day, events, scrip, the book fair, the magazine drive, yearbooks, grocery store loyalty programs, and spirit wear. But our most important fundraiser is JUST THINK, an annual campaign where PATH asks that each Castlebay family give $250 per student or participate to whatever extent is possible.

Money raised by PATH goes to academic programs and services to support the whole school. Individual teachers also participate in separate fundraising activities to collect money for classroom books, supplies, student prizes, class field trip (fifth graders). They may request your assistance with Scholastic book orders, snacks for supplies, and providing supplies directly.

What does the money get used for?
PATH funds currently support the following programs:

  • A state-of-the-art Computer Lab
  • A full-time Computer lab instructor
  • Music Instruction for K-5 half the year
  • Art Instruction for K-5 half the year
  • Classroom Aides
  • Science Lab Instructor
  • Workroom Aide and Supplies

If you have any questions regarding the Just Think program, please send a message to